Age Verification - The GDPR-Compliant Way
Companies that fail to create a safe environment face fines of up to 10% of their sales.
Use this module to ensure that customers are over 18 (or over 16 or 21).
A simple & secure solution enabled by Perfect-iD's platform.

Security & GDPR-Compliance Challenges

Perfect-iD offers all companies and every citizen economic participation in the data economy as well as secure and neutral management of all personal data and documents in both the offline and online worlds. Secure and simple through integration into existing digital processes.

DSGVO Konformität_Perfect-iD

Challenges in Protecting Minors

According to the German Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV), certain content and products such as gambling, alcohol and tobacco may only be offered online if providers ensure that only adults have access to them. Perfect-iD helps you with this.


Find the Right Verification Solution for your Business.

Integration of different verification options always creates the best solution for you

Verification by Robo & Video Ident

Verification through entering IBAN

Verification by SIM card data

Efficient & Quick Age Verification

A very easy to integrate plug-in into your software or website with which we relieve you of the entire process of age verification. Perfect-iD verifies the age of majority of your customers securely, reliably and DSGVO compliant.

The Customer as Sovereign of his Data

Our Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) only tells you if the person is over 18 years old, without any additional information. This ensures that you only get the information you need and that the user remains in control of their data.

Begin Implementing Age Verification Today

To learn more, please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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