Easily and Securely Get  your Customer's Creditworthiness
This is how long it usually takes for the credit report to arrive.
Number of minutes it takes a Pia user to obtain their credit report.
A simple & secure solution enabled by Perfect-iD's platform.

Challenges in Requesting Creditworthiness

As a rule, it takes one to two weeks for the credit report to be prepared. However, the process can also take up to four weeks if additional documents are required or need to be submitted.

Challenges in Transparecy

The calculation of the score value is not always disclosed and is therefore opaque to outsiders. In some cases, information is also considered controversial, as data is digitized without the consent of the person concerned.

Verified Creditworthiness Through  User's Consent.

The verified ability of a customer to meet their future payment obligations

A Credit Check in a Few Minutes

On the one hand, credit reports can be purchased or credit checks can be transferred to the Pia-Wallet with the help of bank service providers. This takes up to 2 minutes.

A Distinct
Credit Report

Determine the creditworthiness of your customers easily and securely. Offer them the comfort and sovereignty to decide for themselves about the type of credit report. There is the possibility to use up to four credit agencies (Boniversum, Schufa, Infoscore and CrifBürgel).

First Steps with the Credit Check

To learn more, please drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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