Get to Know Your Customer
The number of fake profiles in the first quarter of 2022. on Facebook alone.
The number of countries whose documents can be verified.
One simple & secure solution enabled by Perfect-iD's platform.

Challenges of Fraud & Fake Profiles

To prevent possible fraud, companies need real, authentic accounts. Not only does this lack a direct customer approach, but it can also damage reputations.

Challenges During Implementation

Some of the existing KYC solutions can only be integrated under complex conditions, which is associated with great difficulties for numerous companies.

Verification of Personal and Business Data of Customers.

This information may be necessary for operations such as the purchase of cryptocurrency or the purchase of NFTs and tokens

Get Started

No Identity Verification Problems

Welcome more real customers and block out fake profiles with our comprehensive fraud prevention and AML services, including network analysis, automatic ID verification, and biometric extraction.

Entry into the Web3.0

With this module we enable your customers to go through a process that prepares them for the market and business models in Web3.0.

First Steps with KYC

Reduce your risk and implement KYC today. Contact us to learn more!

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