Verified Customer Data, Fast & GDPR-compliant
So many purchase processes are abandoned because the check-out process was too long and/or too complicated.
Increase sales only by integrating an autofill function.
A simple & secure solution enabled by Perfect-iD's platform.

Abandoned Forms and Shopping Carts

A too lengthy check-out process can lead to a bounce just before the purchase is completed. Reduce the number of purchase abandonments by using our Autofill plug-in and offer your customers convenience and seriousness when shopping.

Challenges Due to False Identities

Fake profiles are a thing of the past. By using our autofill function, you can be sure that all information about your customers is verified.

 Requested Information Automatically Available.

With our Autofill feature, their customers can send verified data to you and link it to a GDPR consent.

Ease of Use for your Customers

Once the data & attributes are verified as a Pia user, you can use them again and again without any additional effort.

Receive Only
Verified Data

Via the autofill function, all fields in one of your forms will be filled in: Names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, payment methods, etc. Important, it is only data & attributes that are verified by us.

Increase your Sales with Autofill

Start integrating AutoFill into your products today. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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